Strictly Come Dancing: The Live Tour

Glitz, glamour, humour, talent (sometimes questionable) and the wow factor – Strictly has it all. 2017 marked the year of the tour’s tenth anniversary and it did not disappoint.

The show’s layout is identical to the television show so if you’re a super fan like myself and my mother then I cannot recommend it enough. There’s something mesmerising about seeing the dances in person rather than through the screen. Some may argue and say that for the money they paid they want to see new dances – not just the ones you can now watch on the BBC Strictly YouTube page – but each dance is improved for the tour. Each couple can have an ensemble of dancers plus a much larger playing field to dance on. Plus, hearing live music will always change the atmosphere instantly. Therefore it is still a breathtaking experience as you can witness the true Strictly magic first hand.

And, since I’m certain my boyfriend will not be reading this review, who wouldn’t want to see Danny Mac’s samba in the flesh?

I mean…

Wouldn’t you?

As usual, in true Strictly fashion, the costumes were stunning. I think the total number of sequins used is more than the population of Scotland. Plus the props, the lighting, hair and makeup were as perfect as ever.

Plus if you’re a “man’s man” and the thought of being dragged to see Strictly with your wife or girlfriend is turning you green then don’t worry! There’s fire effects!

All jokes aside, I have to congratulate Strictly for welcoming all ages, genders and sexualities into their audience. True, the vast majority of viewers are women – older women to be honest – but there is something to be admired in its popularity with such a wide range of individuals.

This year marks the sixth time my mother and I have witnessed the Strictly magic in the flesh and it is by far my favourite. I can’t tell if the production was bigger, or if I simply liked the contestants better, or the dancing in general was more moving, but the one thing I know for sure is that I will never ever forget Craig Revel Horwood performing Gangnam Style in a kilt.

I wish I had a photograph, I really do.

Speaking of photographs, may I take your time to complain about the use of mobile phones at live performances. (If you do not care for my rant, please skip past the next image or check out my review of La La Land here).

I understand that many viewers want to take a picture to remember the moment. I understand they want to be able to show their friends and family and make them feel varying degrees of jealousy. But, please, if you’re going to take pictures, turn off your flash? For one; it’s annoying, and for two; it’s just going to bounce off of everyone’s heads and make what you actually want to photograph stay in darkness. Trust me – I’m a millennial.

Furthermore, do not then sit and update your status on Facebook while the performance continues. I am certain you can wait until the show finishes – or even at the interval – where you can hashtag as many sayings as you want. Trust me – I’m a millennial.

Anyway, moving on.

Something that differentiated the 2017 tour was “Len’s favourite dances.” Just after the phone lines had closed (and 10p went to Children in Need) they played some clips from series past. This was a nice touch – especially from Len since it was his last time on Strictly. It definitely got a laugh from the crowd and fond smiles were brought to many faces.

Anita Rani hosted this year’s tour and she did a good job keeping the show flowing. To be honest, I didn’t warm to her when she was a contestant however I didn’t let this put me off. And, luckily, I found her quite endearing while hosting. 

Halfway through the first act, a strange thought popped into my head. Why does this entertain me? Why does a person moving their body this way and that tug at my heartstrings? Why does someone holding their voice at different pitches make a tear come to my eye? Why when put together do I feel a smile beam from my face? It’s the question I’m sure my boyfriend and father continuously ask as both my mother and I sit ignoring them on Saturday nights. But I can’t explain it. I’ve often said I’m born in the wrong era but I thank Strictly for bringing a beautiful form of art into my life.

And also Giovanni.

Thank you Strictly!


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