Keep Dancing

You wouldn’t have known Robin Windsor had suffered from a back injury from the way he was dancing. 

I mean, wow, that man can move!

Keep Dancing, starring Robin Windsor, Anya Garnis and guest star Louis Smith, has been touring across the U.K. Director and choreographer Emma Rogers, along with her associate Innis Robertson King, created the stunning performance with help from Windsor along the way. The show is a cheeky, lively, fun-filled night with moments of serenity and beauty.

This tour has similarities to Anton Du Beke’s tours. Both don’t have stories like a musical would, but each dance has its own journey and emotion. There are also live singers who have the chance to perform solo, plus all the glitz and glamour you need from a frock.

They’re similar yet incredibly different. I’m a ballroom girl and that’s what Du Beke gives me. His show has almost no latin dances. He’s the King of Ballroom. He doesn’t need a jive or samba to capture your interest. His classic, traditional, Fred Astaire style is all I ask for and I’m given that every time.

However, Windsor’s show has more variety. I think almost every dance that appears on Strictly Come Dancing also appeared in Keep Dancing – and then some. Along with the traditional, there were also contemporary modern numbers thrown in. For someone younger like myself, I adored this change of pace, but I was uncertain how the older members of audience would feel. Regardless, I enjoyed the modern dances as it gave the show it’s own unique twist.

Am I saying it’s than Anton though? Of course not! Anton will always be my number one. However, that doesn’t mean Keep Dancing wasn’t good.

My favourite dance was definitely Windsor’s rumba with Garnis. I usually hate the rumba because it’s always so awkward to watch. It’s like I’ve walked in on a private moment and I’m nothing more than a peeping tom. However, Windsor changed my mind. The music intertwined with the choreography made the dance incredibly moving, beautiful and sweet.

Furthermore, the return of Louis Smith was a joyful throwback. Myself and my mother, with our Strictly Obsession Degree, both agreed he was stiff around the hips but I can’t blame him after taking time out to go to a little event called the Olymics. Nevertheless, I still dislike his man bun.

However, I do have a complaint – and not just for Windsor but for Strictly and any other shows like it. I beg you, please, please, please employ singers that can sing the songs you require them to. Especially if the performer has an old-fashioned kind of voice and you want to change the pace by inserting modern music. Someone who can sing like Judy Garland can hardly sing like Nicki Minaj. 

I’m not suggesting that these singers have no talent, but I felt their voices struggled to cope with the songs the show was throwing at them. During some numbers I thought they had a beautiful voice only to be sitting a moment later begging them to stop trying to hit the notes the tune required. Just because someone’s an alto, a soprano, and the original singer was too, it doesn’t mean they can sing the song beautifully.

But one woman who was flawless throughout, and deserves a massive shoutout, was Lisa-Marie Holmes. I would be happy to hear her on Strictly any Saturday night.

I was surprised that Windsor didn’t experiment with same sex dance couples. He voiced his passion for this change during his time on Strictly Come Dancing but the show has not made the daring move. I expected Windsor to showcase the possibilities in his show but there was only one number that was all-male. This dance was a contemporary, paso doble and the men were rarely in hold – and being in hold during the paso isn’t very close or long anyway. I was slightly disappointed but I understood that maybe this was a risk he wasn’t personally willing to take against the critics.

During this all-male dance, each male appeared onstage topless. It was easy to see each individual body shape so it was easy to tell that each dancer was incredibly different. Some had large muscles, some were quite lanky, some were small whereas others had a bit more padding around the waist, but regardless of how they looked one thing was very clear – they could all dance. This revelation is the one I remember the most about the show and will take away to my ordinary life. It doesn’t matter how you look or what society tells you, if you train hard enough, you’ll still be as good as the bloke with massive shoulders.

But, boy, does Robin have massive shoulders!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me at @freetheleaves 🙂 


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