Suicide Squad


I didn’t want to write this review because…


I didn’t hate Suicide Squad. I didn’t love Suicide Squad. It’s in a weird limbo of films for me. Did it make me laugh? Yes, multiple times. Did it make me cringe? Yes, multiple times. Did I come out with that feeling of being invincible, that feeling when the music is booming through your veins, when you feel you’re actually in the movie as you exit the cinema, that feeling of utter awesomeness as you strut your way to the car? 


But to be fair, no movie this year has made me feel that way. It is the year of remakes and samey superhero films, and none have made me feel that incredible feeling only the cinema can do. 

But maybe I’m just getting harder to please in my old age.

I love the Batman universe. I first got into comics due to a group of boys at my high school who encouraged me into the world of geekery. I first agreed out of politeness but soon realised that Batman was my favourite go-to comic. I loved the setting of Gotham, I loved the darkness it involved, and I absolutely adored the villains. One of my favourite Batman comics is Hush simply because so many great baddies are present. The Penguin, the Riddler, and my favourite; The Joker.

I was a massive fan of Heath Ledger’s Joker. He brought the right balance of chillingly evil and crazy for me. He was a modern time Joker, a villain I could believe, and I fell in love with his portrayal from the second he smashed a pencil into a man’s head and called it “magic.”

So obviously hearing that Jared Leto was filling his shoes was a painful experience. But I refused to let my love for Ledger to cloud my judgment of Leto. I didn’t want him to copy Ledger, I didn’t want him to copy anyone, I expected Leto to bring something new. 

If only we saw more, right?

I didn’t hate what I saw! I simply wanted more. How can I judge the poor guy without having sufficient screen time? The only thing that bothered me was his weird raspy breathing. Once or twice is quite menacing but every line and it’s followed by a shaky deep breath is just annoying in my opinion.

However, Margot Robbie took my breath away. Harley Quinn has always had a special place in my heart as we both had something in common – the love for the Joker. I personally think Margot Robbie did an absolutely amazing job of bringing Harley to life. She was the perfect mix of sexy, bad ass and just plain crazy. The perfect Harley Quinn. The creator of this character, Paul Dini, even said she, “nailed it.”

“That’s it, that’s my girl.”

What a compliment, eh? I can’t wait for a stand alone Harley Quinn film – or even a Joker film – just to see Robbie again. Absolutely faultless. (Apart from maybe a few times her accent was shaky but I can forgive her).

Putting the two characters aside that I was looking forward to seeing the most – I didn’t actually know who anyone else was. Apart from Killer Croc, of course. I liked Will Smith’s character (Deadshot) as he was funny and menacing, almost the leader of he group, the one you can relate to the most with his daughter and whatnot. I thought Diablo’s (Jay Hernandez) fire effects were stupid and made his character seem laughable. The moment he waved his hand and wrote the word “BYE” in the air with CGI was the moment I snorted out loud and sighed. He was such an intense and beautifully morally diverse character – and in one tiny moment I felt nothing for him; just cringe.

The rest of the cast really could’ve been anyone because I felt no connection to them. The brief intro to each character was rushed, and along with the tacky fonts describing each talent each possesses, I didn’t feel anything towards them. Katana (Karen Fukuhara) seemed like a cool lady but I have no idea what her character is. The second she was shown crying over her dead husband whose soul is trapped in her sword (like wha) was over as quickly as it began and I was left, like I said, saying, “Wha..?”

However, the only reason I feel the characters suffered was because of the plot. Being honest, I don’t like supernatural plots. Yeah, I know it’s a stupid thing to say when seeing a SUPERHERO movie with a half-man, half-crocodile mutant and a man who can shoot fire out of his hands, but I guess I just wanted something more realistic. An ancient God who can make things float and control lightening and turn soldiers into strange slaves by kissing them wasn’t a good enough story for me. I feel we could’ve gotten to know the characters much better if their first mission was just fighting a terrorist attack. My boyfriend suggested that it could’ve worked if it was the Joker who was the problem. Harley Quinn would’ve taken part in the hopes to see him again, everyone else would enjoy the ride, that way we could get to know everyone and see more of the Joker as well. I liked this idea much better than an ancient witch with her heart in a box who wanted to kill all of humankind simply for revenge. I mean, it’s a bit cliche, ain’t it?

I also feel bad for Cara Delevingne who played the role of the baddie; Enchantress. I read a review that slated her as an actress but I don’t feel it was her fault. She can only act what she is given and she wasn’t given the best character. Her job was to be creepy and evil and I think she did that fine – she even looked good in her wee bikini while doing so.

I read somewhere that a lot of Suicide Squad had to be re-filmed, re-shot, re-written and so on. After Batman vs Superman, the studio realised they needed more humour and had to create more of this to suit its audience. I personally think this was a good move but this also might explain why the movie seems so strange and disjointed at times. 

After this review it definitely sounds like I didn’t like the film. But I did, I promise. It’s a good Friday night, popcorn munching film, that doesn’t require a lot of thought process to understand. I was amused during it and I enjoyed the flip of morals as the audience is forced to side with the criminals of society rather than the government who are meant to be the “good guys.”

However, I don’t appreciate fans throwing stones at critics who just tell it like it is. These people who review films for newspapers, websites, or magazines, usually have studied film and everything to do with it. They have experience and know what is good and what is bad. Don’t take it personally if you don’t agree with a critic. There are plenty of films that aren’t cinematically fantastic, that have errors,that my uni lecturers would smack me over the head for loving but I love them anyway. Just because it doesn’t suit what the industry is looking for doesn’t mean you’re wrong for liking it. But you have to accept these people know what they’re talking about, because they are the pros.

So overall, it was… Fine, and that’s all I can really say.

Apart from the credits, I HATE THE CREDITS. 

Like, seriously, who thought that was a good idea?



2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad

  1. You’re not getting harder to please, this film was an absolute dumpster fire. The only redeeming factor about it was.. well, it was.. I’ll get back to you on that. But anyways, do you ever share your articles on any film sites? I enjoyed reading your thoughts!


    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m glad someone else feels the same! I haven’t posted any of my reviews on any other websites – just here for now! Thank you though, it’s nice to hear some feedback! šŸ™‚


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