Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed

Image from Glasgow Life

Every year I try to go on holiday; on holiday to my Gran’s that is, which is roughly 7 miles away from my own house. It’s not exactly adventurous – but we both go on adventures in the time I’m there. 

This year we did a tour of the local museums and the exhibitions they had on show. Firstly we trekked to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to see Gift for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed. It’s been running from the 14th of May and finishes on the 4th of September so there’s still plenty time to go see these amazing Egyptian relics. 

Since my Gran can get a concession, and I had my student card, we both got in for £3. The normal adult price is £5 so it’s not that expensive even without a discount. Under 16’s go free so all those primary school children studying the Egyptians in class have no excuse to miss it!

Image from Glasgow Life

The exhibition does have a lot on offer for children. This is probably because, all in all, there isn’t a great deal to see. There is a lot to read and understand, and as a child, I do think it would be quite boring. But don’t fret! There’s a whole section dedicated to interactive games for your tots and even a quiz. 

The quiz offers 3 prizes if completed. A family ticket to see the World Pipe Band Championships, a voucher to have a free meal at Kelvingrove’s restaurant (which is quite expensive but the food is always good) or a goody bag full of “treats.” 

I actually took part in the quiz. I always get offered these kids activities because I do look very young – sometimes it’s a curse, other times it’s a blessing. Although it was a bit embarrassing to be competing with 7 year olds, I enjoyed doing it. It definitely encourages the kids to read. Not many of the questions were easily guessed; you definitely had to do your research. Mum and Dad may have to help!

The interactive section of the exhibition included a few games, a sandpit so you can find your own fossils and a dress up section. A few children were there when I was and they seemed to enjoy it! Definitely take the camera if you’re planning on going – I don’t think you’re allowed to photograph the relics but I imagine the kids section would be fine.

However, the actual content of the show was very interesting. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved everything about the ancient Egyptians. Myself and my Gran can’t ever visit Kelvingrove without visiting the gods, the mummies and the sarcophagus. It’s all too fascinating to ignore. The new exhibition made me feel exactly the same. To see so many animal mummifications – REAL mummifications – was both amazing and repulsive. It definitely made you think about the rituals of these ancient civilians. 

Like, what’s the deal with cats?

Image from

One part of the exhibition that really made my jaw drop was seeing the clips of x-ray scans done on the mummies. Many screens sit throughout the room showing you different aspects of the scientific research. You’ve won back your £5 purely from that section alone!

Furthermore, being able to see a dead, mummified, much older than my Gran’s Gran’s Gran, head of a cat is utterly unbelievable. My nose definitely did wrinkle when studying it’s alien looking face. But I couldn’t stop looking all the same.

Overall, please take your kids to see this amazing exhibition – especially if they’re studying it at school! They will definitely learn something that they can take back to their school mates and impress them with.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment if you have been to see this exciting show – or maybe I’ve convinced you? – Evee x


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