Ghostbusters 2016

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It feels like the only films to hit the silver screen are stories found in books, comics or remakes. It was possibly Disney that started this trend. As an oober Disney geek, I adore anything Disney produces, but I have to admit, remakes are the easy way out. I loved Maleficent when I saw it – it was like Wicked, and I really love Wicked. Giving a story another side, a deeper plot, more in depth characters excites me – but plain remakes with new and improved CGI is getting tiresome. Last night I watched a documentary all about the golden age of filmmaking. MGM musicals truly were the golden era. Top Hat is still one of my very favourites. What happened to that time? Where did the talent go? Overall you have to ask, “Where’s the original screenplay?” 

My mother told me that the film industry is waiting for me. They need my ideas so they’re just buying their time until I finish university. And, after witnessing Ghostbusters 2016, I actually believe her.

I’ve seen a few shows and films since I last wrote but nothing has given me the need to write until now. That’s Entertainment at the theatre was entertaining enough, The Conjuring scared me too much to write, The Jungle Book didn’t inspire me, but then I saw Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters 2016. And I just have to write.

This movie has devided so many. I don’t know anyone personally that liked the film. One friend on my Facebook merely wrote, “Meh.” after seeing it. I think that’s the general consensus. Meh. Why did we need a remake? Wasn’t the original good enough?

I can’t write a review on this film and not mention the all female ghost busting team. Did I have a problem with it? No. Does it make me a feminist for liking the all gal cast? No. The new, female approach to this movie isn’t what made it bad in my opinion. My questions remain the same as above. WHY do we need this change when the original is good as it is?!

When I first saw the trailer (and internally groaned) I assumed that the film takes place after the original Ghostbusters and the girls fighting the new ghosts are doing so because the previous Ghostbusters inspired them. I thought they were the same universe, the same story, cameos would be made to help the new ghosty fighters along. 


It’s just a plain remake with women instead. I don’t understand the need for remaking it. If the film industry felt they needed Ghostbusters back in the box office to make more cash, then they should have executed it much better.

Furthermore, this is meant to be a comedy?

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Myself and my boyfriend sat in the cinema and, on our fingers, counted how many times people laughed. That being an audible, reasonably loud, reasonably amused laugh. We counted 12 laughs in 105 minutes. The two biggest laughs coming from children when the middle finger was shown and someone got hit in the face. 

It honestly, honestly was painful. It may sound harsh but… Just why, Paul Feig and Katie Dippold? Maybe my sense of humour is just to hard to impress but, if you’re asking me,

  • Random does not mean it’s funny.
  • Crazy does not mean it’s funny.
  • Pointing out the obvious does not mean it’s funny.

Myself and my boyfriend laughed at the scene where Kevin, the ditsy receptionist, (Chris Hemsworth) puts its finger through his glasses to itch his eye. We both found it amusing, we saw what happened, we laughed. However pointing out the obvious ruins the joke. When Melissa McCarthy pointed out this gag – it stopped being funny and just became boring.

Maybe the sense of humour was beyond the age of the children that sat around me (probably from 8-13) and wasn’t good enough for the adults either. Or maybe I’m just picky with my comedy, but I hope people can agree with me. I truly believe there needs to be an intelligent comedy – not this silly, stupid, easy laughs, but a well thought through script that makes me laugh by thinking. This happened a few times – as a film geek I enjoyed the reference to The Shining – but this type of gag was very limited.

Furthermore, I found the acting beyond embarrassing. To be fair, I don’t think the actors had much choice as the characters they were given were either completely bland or too cookie to be true. Kate McKinnon played the crazy inventor and she irritated me throughout. However, my boyfriend liked her character as he found her the only one with real personality. I had to disagree though. Her laughs purely relied on fart humour and saying things in funny voices. 

Image from Wallpapers

Not. Funny.

To get controversial, I don’t believe this film empowers women. Many critics thought the actresses would prove something to society. I, personally, felt embarrassed. These women are seen to be comedians but I only cringed at their jokes. When they shot their guns at the ghost’s crotch in order to harm him, I felt it unnecessary. Like my boyfriend said, whispering in the not-even-half-full cinema, “Fighting sexism with sexism is not how you do it.”

I have to admit, I did like the idea of having a male receptionist. For years it has been a woman who filled is role but they turned the tables and made eye-candy Chris the useless blonde instead. I did admire this twist – it gave the women power that usually lacked in comedies. However, then making Kristen Wiig fall all over him, completely ruined the joke in my opinion. After seeing the actress become tongue tied in front of the hunk, I turned to my boyfriend and voiced my anger. This is meant to empower me? Definitely not.

In conclusion I could rant about this movie for weeks. The funniest part about the experience was when my foot got stuck in the seat in front of me. Probably the largest laugh I had the whole time. I can’t believe I wasted money to see it and I don’t think you should either. Wait until it appears on Netflix and then you can join the club.


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