EatFilm: The Princess Bride

It’s been a while since I’ve taken to my keyboard and pitter-pattered out a review. It’s simply that time at uni; everything is due, everything is stressful, the teaching year is almost over.

What better way to get rid of stress than watching films, eh?

My boyfriend found the deal on EatFilm at Sloans presents The Princess Bride! He sent the link my way, followed by, “Can we pleeeeeease?!?” It didn’t take a lot of persuasion. The deal cost £9.95 and that included our tickets, a main meal and a glass of wine or beer. As a student, this price particularly caught my attention.

I had never seen The Princess Bride before. I know, it’s “inconceivable!” My boyfriend was worried I wouldn’t take to it, but quite the opposite happened. The plot was funny, silly and overall just charming. I’m not sure if I would label it a “children’s film” but many of my friends have watched it as children and have loved it since then. However, it is still a film that can be enjoyed by adults – a fact that was obvious to me as I sat, surrounded by adults, and became enveloped in their giggles and laughter. 

The story is based on William Goldman’s fantasy novel. A friend of mine who adores the movie also adores the book. So, if you found the movie entertaining, I would recommend you read the book as well. It is a tale about love, bravery, and a few jokes thrown in too. Each character is equally as intriguing as the next which made the whole story easy to become absorbed in. My only complaint is about one scene where our hero is fighting with a horrible creature. Princess Buttercup merely stands and watches the poor man struggle when her help could’ve ended the fight much sooner. A true feminist complaint, but it was the only one I could think of.

What added to this experience was the location. We found ourselves in the bar Sloans in Glasgow. Up two flights of stairs, away from the restaurant and bar, we sat in the “ballroom”. It was a stunning room. Each party had their own little table with a waiter or waitress to serve.

There were three choices for dinner. If I was to get really picky, I would say I would want more choice. As someone with many dietary requirements, there wasn’t a lot to choose from. However, the choices were displayed online so I knew what was on offer before I appeared. And the chips were amazing so I have a cheek to complain anyway.

Furthermore, since we were having our dinner, we were sitting on dining room chairs. These chairs are fine when you’re dining, but not so much when you’re relaxing to watch a film. However, I don’t expect them to bring in recliners after dinner so, again, I’ll stop complaining.

My boyfriend did point out he would have liked it if we could watch the movie and eat at the same time. I don’t think I agree, though. I liked being able to chat and admire the room as I ate. Plus, I would hate if I missed something in a film because I was too busy chasing the last chip around my plate. So I liked the set up the way it was.

Overall, I had an incredible night. During dinner there were adverts on the big screen (which was actually a decent size, by the way) of what’s to come. There are many more films I would love to see in that setting. EatFilm is a fantastic experience for those who love film, love food and love drink. Why wouldn’t you go along?

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you feel so inclined. Thanks again – Evee 🙂 x


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