Not Just Humans

Warning: The following blog is going to get cheesy, mooshy, poetic and may contain spells of cringe-worthy-ness.

You have been warned.

What does it take to be a human being?


Well according to Google, it’s exactly that. We’re too smart, too talkative, too upright. But does that make us different from any other animal? We still need to eat, sleep, drink and shelter. We still need to work to survive. What is it that is so different about human beings?

You see, as I stood and waited for Boyce Avenue to take to the stage in Glasgow, it suddenly became clear to me. There were hundreds of people around me, all there for the same reason as me, and that reason was to hear some good music. We would all tap our feet, swing our hips, raise our glasses to the ceiling as the music did its thing. Everyone in that room had left the comfort of their own home to gather in a room of sweaty strangers to move this way and that to some air waves vibrating through the gaps in the crowd.

And it made us happy.

How bizarre?! Why do humans insist on making music, dancing, singing, writing, painting, sculpting, anything other than survival? Why do we as a species need more?

Why do I, when I hear the thumps of the drums, feel my heart beat along with it? Why do I feel the pressure on my chest as something deep within my soul wants to break free from my cage-like body? Why does the piano plink-plonks pull at my heart and release my voice from my throat? Why does the guitar send my feet into a plitter-pattering dance? Why does the violin send shivers up my spine? Why does seeing a couple dance bring emotions out of my boots and make them pour out of my tear ducts? Why does a beautiful singer make me want to throw my hands in the air? Why do humans need art in their lives? What is the purpose?

You can argue all you want, but I believe everyone needs creativity in their life. Whether it be a sing song in the shower, a dance, a book to transport them away from their known world – everyone needs that little bit more. We’re too complex to merely exist.

But why?

Human beings have spent years on this planet simply existing. Most of us on this planet can survive with what we’ve got. Some aren’t as lucky. But at the end of the day a happy life isn’t one simply spent surviving. A human being needs to live. We need to express the feelings that fill up our soul.

We as a species need to express ourselves. Sitting in a dark room after work isn’t enough. We need to find a song that’s beat and lyrics speak to us. We need to write a poem about a lost love. We need to move and arch our bodies in such a way to release the anger. We need to slap paint to a canvas to combat the tears. We need more.

How do I do this? Well, where do I start? Writing, poetry, photography, even a few crazy sculptures. I’m sure you’ve thought of a few you do while reading this. Everyone has something. Everyone needs something.

Creativity is just as important to humans as food is. Without it – we’re basically just monkeys.

… Except, maybe, a tad less hairy.

…Well, for some of us.

Thanks for reading this post! I’ll get back to reviewing soon! Evee over and out 🙂 x



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