Hello and Welcome!

DSCF9257Well, here I am, finally. I have to say, WordPress can be confusing when you have no idea what means what. But I’m finally here so let’s get started…

Maybe you’re wondering who I am. Maybe you’re not – but sadly I’m going to tell you anyway. I’m a uni student, studying film and writing, and it finally hit me yesterday. For someone who’s been writing since they could hold a pencil, why haven’t I got a blog? Many of my friends do. Why can’t I? I guess I’ve always stressed about the type of blog I would write. My friends have horror blogs, fitness blogs, bloggy blogs, but what could I write about? I’m too scared to write about horror, I cannot put “I” and “fitness” into the same sentence or I’ll die laughing, and my life isn’t particularly interesting – I don’t even keep a diary. So what would I write about?

Then yesterday, as I sat in The Royal Concert Hall, it struck me.

I have a vast collection of theatre programmes on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. I’ve been hoarding them since I can remember. Ballets, musicals, ice skating, dance, you name it, it’s there. Then there’s the collection of cinema tickets in my desk drawer. Chick flicks, action, tear jerkers, they’re all there too.


Why haven’t I wrote about any of it? For someone who loves to read their own words, it would make sense, right?

Well, I’ve decided to do just that. So welcome to my blog. I’ll write about whatever show I saw last. Whether it be a musical at the theatre, to a concert at the Barras, to the nearest art exhibition, or even the newest blockbuster, I’ll tap away on my laptop and spill out a few words. Hopefully it’ll be interesting.

But you’ll have to read it to find out, won’t you?


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